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- For kneading:

Warm water: as needed

- For the bread individual:

Bran: 1/4 cup

- Flour: 3 cups (brown)

- White flour: cup

- Bran: Cup

- Yeast: 1 teaspoon

- Sugar: 1 tablespoon (preferably brown)

- Olive oil: 1 tablespoon

- Salt: 1/4 teaspoon

How to prepare

Mix the dry ingredients together, then knead with warm water well until the dough is soft and does not stick to the hand.

Then cover the dough for 60 minutes until it is brewed.

Divide the dough into balls of equal size, as desired, and spread the ball into a circle over the apostasy.

Also spray it with a rose from the top.

Leave the bread to a little ferment, then bake in a hot oven from the bottom and top, or on the pan, as you wish.

Cover the bread after baking to remain soft, and to get a dry tooth bread, leave it without covering.